Austin's History

Louis Edgar Austin     8/1/1896 - 12/14/48                     

Louis opened Georgia Auto Parts Company located at 714 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA in the
early 1920's.  In 1932, Louis (shown on the left) moved Georgia Auto Parts to 1036 Bankhead Hwy.  Louis rebuilt engines for Sears and Roebuck, delivering them throughout the Southeast. He is credited with being the first company to go out over 50 miles and recover damaged vehicles. It was customary, before that, for the owner to abandon a smashed T-model on the side of the road and eventually, highway construction crews would plow them under.  Louis would rebuild the damaged T-models.  For $ 35.00, you could trade in your broken down T-model for one reconditioned.  Of course you had you choice of colors, since they were all black.

Charles Edward Austin    6/4/1920 - 5/15/1984

 Charles worked for his father, rebuilding engines.  He delivered them throughout Georgia and       Alabama. Parts were delivered to the bus stations in your hometown.  Charles left his fathers business opening an automotive repair shop.  In 1947, he built and opened  Austin's Auto Parts located at 947 Bankhead Ave. In 1953, he sold the building to Dixie Auto Parts, which today is New Dixie Auto Parts.  Charles opened  a new  business under the new name of Austin's Used Trucks at 966 Bankhead Ave.  The business mainly rebuilt and sold used trucks, with parts playing a minor role. Primary sales of  flat dumps, which were built in the shop, was the majority of the business.   Out of every three trucks purchased, two were rebuilt, the third sold or used for parts. Most of the business was from repeat customers or direct referrals.

Jerry Edward Austin   1939 -

Jerry went to work for his father in 1969.  Jerry managed the sales operation until gaining partnership in 1974. In 1974, Austin's moved to 6001 Fairburn Road, Douglasville, GA. The business grew from an inventory of $ 50,000 to over one million dollars by 1984.  Due to the expansion of the City of Douglasville, Austin's moved to 2545 Cochran Ind Blvd, Douglasville, GA in 1987 (present  location).  Jerry built a business on trust.  With referrals and repeat customers, the business grew to over 11 acres. Jerry still maintains an active role in the decisions of Austin's Used Trucks.

Stephen Edward Austin   1962 -

Stephen went to work for his father in 1991.  Austin's Used Trucks became less dependent on rebuilding mid-range trucks.  In 1994, Stephen started reorganizing Austin's to a truck parts operation. The name was incorporated to Austin's Used Truck Parts and Equipment Company, Inc.  Today, Austin's has the Hollander Powerlink computer system with over one million dollars in parts on 14 acres.  In 1997, Austin's became one of the seven State of Georgia's vehicle salvage inspection stations. In 1999,  Austin's was rename to Austin's Used Truck and Auto Parts. We now have over 2000 salvage cars and trucks. In 2002, Austin's purchased a car crusher and started recycling autos and trucks. We hope to further grow with the help of this web site and Hollander's EDEN parts locator. Now, anyone with access to a computer web browser can search our inventory of parts.

Paul Edward Austin   1995 -

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